Blaze Burns Shows Her Cooch For The First Time

The best part about running a production company is all the great young ladies you get to meet (and meat) and the tattooed 20-year-old Blaze Burnz is one of those girls that’s a pleasure to work with. This cute young mom’s smile is real – she truly is having a a good time as she pulls her panties aside and lets us get a glimpse of her shaved pussy and her pierced clit for the first time – and yes, we had the camera ready;).  Blaze’s nude audition pictures can all be downloaded on Glass Mannequin or you can click on the picture below to visit the free teen porn gallery featuring the amazingly sexual young mom – Blaze Burnz – another Glass Mannequin exclusive model.

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Blaze Burnz Shows Her Cooch For The First Time

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Tattooed Amateur Sex Coed Sex

The tattooed amateur sex sex goddess Blaze Burnz was this guy’s fuck-buddy when this amateur sex coed sex movie of the small tattooed and pierced young mom was made for Glass Mannequin. It becomes obvious that the two enjoy sex together as you watch the teenage mom Blaze wrinkle her brow and push back on the older man’s fat pecker as he fucks her in the spooning position.

The tattooed young mom featured on Glass Mannequin is not only cute as hell, she loves to fuck and you can see that this small young mom has no problem taking the fat pecker of the old man. In fact, watching her arch her back, pushing her excellent round butt in the air, you can tell that the tattooed little tart loves to be filled with as much pecker as you can give her.

Imagine how nice it feels to slide your throbbing pecker deep into her wet little shaved cunt – feel her wet coed muffin get tighter as she repeatedly climaxes as you fuck her from behind – feel your your pecker tense as you hold back the whopping load of sticky jizz building up in your loins…….

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Thena Sky And Blaze Burnz

There’s nothing funner than watching two hot young moms fuck for the camera and that’s exactly what we got when we put Thena Sky and Blaze Burnz together in this hot lesbian teen photo and shoot. It all started when the little twats showed up at the place hungering after to have a little fun. Being the mischievous old codger that I am, I was more than willing to grab a camera and make a kissing lesbians shoot of these two Real Colorado Girls. Blaze is a horny local dainty teen that met Thena at a party we threw for all the mischievous teen sisters that had fucked for their mischievous brother on Bring Me Your Sister and the two evil lesbians had been trying to hookup ever since.

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Hot Lesbian Moms Thena Sky and Blaze Burnz

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Blaze Burnz And Thena Sky In Their First Three-some

Thena Sky didn’t tell her friend Blaze Burnz that she had planned a little three-some with the old guy that lives up the street so Blaze was a little shocked when the old bastard grabbed her and started taking her clothes off. Of course, the froward young mom was more than down for a little sex-play and having very little experience with other women, Blaze was also excited to experience sex with her girlfriend too.

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It didn’t take long for the two teenagers to relax and they were soon sucking the old man’s erection as they played with each other’s great teen boobies and rubbed each other’s shaved little coochies. Blaze had more experience sucking erection so she proceeded to show her girlfriend how to fit such a fat erection into her little warm mouth. Thena was soon slobbering all over the old man’s erection like she’d been doing it her entire life.

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The older man was really enjoying the attention the two teenagers sucking his erection as he rolled the tall skinny Thena onto her back and positioned the dwarf brown haired Blaze doggie style so that Blaze was able to devour her girlfriends wet teen cooder and he slid this big erection gently into her shaved little cunt.He then proceeded to slam his fat erection repeatedly into the teenage mom’s shaved cunt until she arched her back, moaned in pleasure and had her first real orgasm of the evening.  Feeling the contractions of her cooder on his thick erection, the older man altered his rhythm to match hers and felt her teen cooder give off one final contraction as she completed her orgasm.

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The old fucker then lie on his back and let the amateur teens take turns riding his erection and his face. Each of the teenagers took a turn face-sitting the old bastard then riding his erection like a rodeo bull. Arching his back, the older man shoved his thick erection as deep as possible into the hot young mom’s shaved and pierced little cooder. Arching back, the tattooed and pierced dwarf little slut kissed her girlfriend on the lips and took all of his throbbing erection in her cunt. Her girlfriend moaned from the cunt-munching she was getting from the old man and they both climaxed together.

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Richard Nailder Finds Blaze Burnz

It’s not everyday that a dirty old man gets to fuck a hot young mom that’s as sexy as Blaze Burnz but that’s exactly what I got to do when her brother sage drug her to my home to video her in her first smut movie. Blaze loved sucking and fucking cock so much on camera that she decided to come back for more. This sexy brunette was back at my place a few days after her first smut fucking her way into my life.

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Blaze Burnz and Richard Nailder

In this movie, Blaze Burnz is being filmed by her brother, Sage as I fuck her swollen pierced pussy. The finished movie can be seen at

Two Sisters Same Time

It’s one thing when a brother talks his sister into doing smut but it’s a totally different thing when one sister talks the other into doing smut – and then joins in on the fun. That’s exactly what happened when the tattooed babe Blaze showed up at Bring Me Your Sister with her tattooed little sister – Blaze talked Maxi into doing her first hardcore smut video clip – riding the same meat as her sister did – only on Bring Me Your Sister – world’s best sister smut site.

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Blaze Burnz And Her Camel Toe

Blaze has done a number of porno shoots for Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister and she also does webcams for us n a regular basis. Blaze always managed to show us the best camel toes regardless of the occasion and in this set, Blaze not only had a sexy smile, she also managed to slide her panties up her swollen coed pussy to make the superlative camel toe for those of us that love to see twat lips bulging on either side of a cute pair of panties.

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Of course, no fan of this tattooed young mom would be complete without the sexy brunette flashing her booty at least once for the camera. I know, you’re all wishing she would pull her panties aside and show you her clean shaved swollen pussy and her petite landing strip but that would be too simple for a tease like Blaze. If you yearn for to see this cute teenage mom fingering herself, munching coed twat and taking good-sized dick like a professional pornstar then you should sign up for Glass Mannequin today.

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Or of course, you can bookmark this page and wait for us to post more sexy pictures of this sexy young porno model for your viewing pleasure. Either way, say hi to Blaze and her swollen camel toe ;-)

Lesbian Cunt Devouring

Blaze Burnz loves boner but she ‘s not opposed to a little lesbian cunnilingus so when her friend Cynthia Jay said she was stopping by, Blaze asked me to get the camera out and shoot the two in a lesbian sex clip for Glass Mannequin. These two tattooed teenage moms know what they desire and they wasted no time on getting undressed and taking turns munching each others shaved little muffies.

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After making out for a while, Blaze put her girlfriend on her back, spread her legs and slid her finger into her wet little cunt as she rubbed her clit with her thumb.  It wasn’t long before the tattooed cunt was munching her girlfriends puffy clit  – Cynthia arched her back, pressing her cunt into her girlfriends face as she quivers and climaxes for the first time.

Cynthia Fingering Blaze

Cynthia then takes over, searching for her girlfriend’s g-spot with her finger as she finger-fucked her petite brunette girlfriend’s wet teenager coochie. Finding her g-spot, the long-haired sandy works her hand in and out of her girlfriends shaved cunt – rubbing her pierced clit with her free finger and bringing her girlfriend to climax.  Blaze then finishes her teenager off with an epic cunnilingus session – making her sweet little coochie pulsate in rhythm to her tongue……  See it all on Glass Mannequin.

Blaze Munching Cynthia's Cunt

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Maxi Booty Does Her First Porno Vid

Maxi Booty didn’t plan on becoming a porno star but her sister had different plans. Blaze Burnz had just done her first porno clip a few weeks before when her brother pimped her out to the perverts at Bring Me Your Sister for wrecking his drum set and to tell the truth – she really liked it – but when she caught her little sister using her name at a local strip club, Blaze decided it was time to get even – so she pimped Maxi out in her first porno clip – Hell, Blaze has her name tattooed on her chest – how fucking brazen can a sister be?

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But Blaze wasn’t going to be the only sister in this porno clip as she jumped in and showed her little sister how to properly suck the old man’s fat pecker. Of course, the younger sister tried to outdo her older sister and Richard Nailder got the bj of his life. These two half-Mexican Girl sisters didn’t stop at sucking pecker – they were soon both nekkid and Maxi was bent over the couch with Richard Nailder’s (of Bring Me Your Sister) fat pecker deep in her tight little shaved coed coochy.

Maxi Booty Fucks And Her Sister Films

At 18 years old, Maxi hasn’t fucked many guys and the size of Richard’s pecker was a bit painful in her small coed cunt. But she gritted her teeth as her sister filmed her in her first ever porno clip. It didn’t  take long for Maxi to get accustomed to the girth of the old man’s fat pecker and soon she was  riding the old fucker pecker like her more experienced sister. Both sister’s have unsurpassed butts but Maxi’s round butt is an prime exemplar of the excellent round apple butt.

Maxi Booty Fucks Richard Nailder's Fat Cock

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Short Tattooed Teen Does Hardcore

Petite tattooed brown haired Blaze Burnz loves sex and what better way to have a little fun than to have sex on camera? In this misbehaving homemade sex movie, Blaze lets an older man play with her ideal little titties and then hammer her tight teen cooch with his fat cock. It all starts when the tattooed whore visits an older guy that lives in the neighborhood – soon the pervert is groping her titties – this gets her excited and soon this playful teenager has her little round booty in the air ready to take the fat cock of her friend doggie-style.

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Moaning in pleasure as her cooch is filled with cock, the small brown haired lets the older neighbor hammer her teen cooch until she can take no more – reaching the climax together, she collapses on the bed  and lets the old mans semen drip slowly out of her ideal little cunt – creampies for everyone :-)

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